Mists of the Past

Of Recitals, Rivals, Rebellion, and Relative Rending.

The members of the group find their separate ways to the Cotillion, but soon find themselves in a fight against the Faith of the Weeping Father

Oneday & Twosday, 15th & 16th of Midsummer

The morning after the storm, each member of the party received a summoning.
Alyndra received a letter from Tenorus, inviting her to meet with him at Victarion’s Restaurant and Winery. She went to meet him, and he invited her to perform with him at the prestigious Midsummer Cotillion. He also borrowed a ball gown for her for the occasion.

Cedric’s letter formally invited him to the Harp and Thistle, where he met with members of House Drachmaa. He was told that Myr Capo might be interested in a partnership, and was invited to be his guest at the Cotillion. He was given a mithril shirt to wear.

Senkara’s letter invited her to meet with Polonius at Victarion’s Restaurant. When she arrived, however, she was not on the guest list. Turning to leave she encountered the group’s Thieves Guild contact; she learned from him that a shipment of a rare and dangerous poison called Night Terror had failed to arrive when the Guild needed it, leaving an important contact hanging. Senkara was told to go meet with the contact, a Senator named Canebant, to find out what he wanted done and do it. He was also (surprise) at the Cotillion.

Keela was invited to meet with Wayne, who excitedly told her that he had a backer, but that he needed more information from a Collegium-level alchemist, Professor Poculum, before he could get his air conditioner working. Wayne’s backer, Professor Pontifex, a professor of civil rights and justice, returned at that moment to ask about the sewers and started discussing the witch attacks with Keela. They talked about reasoning and politics, and Pontifex said he believed that the witches were at war with the city. Intrigued by their conversation, Pontifex invited Keela to the Cotillion.

The following evening at the Cotillion, after everyone had been properly fitted for their clothes, Alyndra performed decently, and gained some favor with those in the audience. She started walking through the crowd with Cedric, and they came across Atalanta Lyrio, the elven woman who had stood up for the group during the margarine wine fiasco, and the daughter of House Lyrio’s patriarch, Senator Pylos Lyrio. Atalanta questioned Cedric about his fighting experience (there were also many awkwardly adorable bits of flirting), before leading him over to speak to Senator Pylos. Pylos interrogated Cedric as a contestant to represent House Lyrio in the Brawnslaw Olympics Adventurer’s Gambit. Pylos seemed less than impressed with Cedric.

After that conversation, Cedric broke away and went to talk to Myr Capo, who also made him an offer regarding the Brawnslaw Olympics, on the condition that Cedric would not reveal his affiliation with House Drachmaa unless he won. Cedric accepted his offer.

Meanwhile, Senkara spends her time trying to find her contact, and does so. After a little fumbling her purpose is made clear, and Canebant reveals that he’s spent a few nights with an elven woman, who he now believes to be pregnant. Senkara’s task is to stop her from remembering what happened two nights prior at any cost.

Senkara agreed and quickly found her mark, walking up and attempting to slip sap from the Brunsfelnia Renimatus into her drink. However, luck was not in Senkara’s favor, and she was spotted. Two guards called her bluff and forced her to drink the wine, which she promptly spilled rather than ingest the tainted drink. She was quickly escorted from the party.

Once outside, however, she noticed a group of figures sneaking through the hedges, and chose to follow them.

Keela had spent her time speaking with Professor Ingeni Pontifex and his wife Yvette. They both treated Keela with kindness and respect, and despite the fact that she is a non-elf, Keela was treated almost as an equal by most party-goers out of respect for the Pontifexes. Professor Poculum was even willing to answer Keela’s questions about the mechanics of Wayne’s AC unit. To Keela’s surprise, Professor Pontifex hinted that he might know Keela is a witch, and that he might also be one. They had a lengthy discussion involving the witches, as well as the Faith of the Weeping Father. Tigris stopped by and it seemed that she might know about Pontifex’s supposed witch affiliations.

It was then that word came of an attack at the borders by witches, and everyone with the ability quickly let to go help, leaving those at the party mostly unprotected. That, admittedly, was a mistake on their part, because not moments later, who should appear but the followers of the Faith of the Weeping Father. They were led by a man in a mask, who gave calm orders that each member of the faith find their ‘mark’ to kidnap.

The group began to try and fight off the attack as best they could, and Senkara used the confusion to find and kill the woman from before, completing the duty assigned to her by the Thieves’ Guild contact. Then she rejoined the skirmish. At this point the group launched as good an attack as they could manage on the masked leader, but he brushed them off casually, dealing out massive amounts of non-lethal damage to those attacking him before he and his followers disappeared much the way they had come, taking many with them (including Professor Poculum).

Disheartened, the group returned to their Lighthouse, only to find waiting for them their Thieves’ Guild contact, who congratulates Senkara on her callousness. When she confusedly asked him what he meant, he informed her that the assignment had been a test in more ways than one: A horrified Senkara learned that she had, in fact, murdered her own younger sister, Alserynth, who had snuck into the party disguised as a full-blooded elf. In payment, he gave the group a puzzle ring which, when assembled, would grant special powers to the one who assembled it.



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