Mists of the Past

Hags and Hail

The group fights along side the Contego, and saves the town from a decimating storm

Satyrday & Sunday, 13th & 14th of Midsummer

The adventurers and Lumen Zaphkiel make their way to the warehouse. Senkara sneaks up to the wooden door, peering through the cracks in an attempt to see inside. She can see nothing, and Keela’s attempts at sneaking up to help her result in the door creaking loudly, alerting those within of their presence. An ominous gust of wind rushes through the door, leaving no clues as to what spell might have caused it.

They enter the building to find four elite elven guards, and a coven of three witches surrounding a green hag. Realizing that by the time they made it to the doors on the other sides of the warehouse their adversaries would have fled, they decided to enter through the main door. The fight began with Keela casting glitterdust, but the hag remained unaffected by its blinding affects. The charmed elven guards are the main barrier between the group of fighters and the coven of witches, until Cedric gets an idea – remembering the prize given to them by the crazy druids in Court Park, he throws an ascomoid seed into the warehouse. It tumbles around the room, dealing damage to a few of the guards and a witch or two before being slashed to pieces by the elves’ swords. However, this happened to be the last helpful addition Cedric made to the battle – shortly after, he was bewitched by a hideous laughter spell, leaving him lying hysterically helpless on the floor.

The fight is soon interrupted by the Contego PopulumGretl, Horatio, and Crixus enter through the other doors, and aid in defeating the majority of their foes. Unfortunately, the hag fled soon after the battle turned against her, leaving the fight far behind.

Crixus then informed the group that the gust of wind they felt earlier was in fact a powerful storm spell, leaving all of the Bronslaw Flats in danger. The Lighthouse Infidels quickly raced into town, warning everyone to get indoors. They spread the message to a good number of people before a monstrous hailstorm hit. They found a group of children huddled under a broken awning, with a few guards attempting to fix it for some hint of protection. They helped the guards with the awning then sped off towards the lighthouse to make sure that everything was safe there.

They arrived just in time to see a large ship crash onto the shore. The majority of the adventurers jumped nimbly out of the way, but Keela was not fast enough to avoid being crushed by a falling mast. A few terse words calmed the crew and they were able to get her to safety before the group retreated to the lighthouse to heal and rest. The party did, however, notice two members of the Crowns stealthily assassinate the ship’s elf captain and a pedestrian, looting some undiscerned object from their carcasses before fleeing into the storm. The Infidels were unable to pursue them, however, being driven inside by the harsh weather.

After the storm, the Infidels were rewarded for their benevolent exploits. The Contego used their pull with the Aedis to give each of them some helpful equipment: Alyndra received a + 1 chain shirt (prompting the sale of her old masterwork one for an additional 125 sp) and a masterwork alchemical silver rapier; Senkara received a + 1 short sword and a quiver of 20 + 1 arrows; Keela received a wand of dispel magic with 13 charges remaining; Cedric received a + 1 lucerne hammer and an efficient quiver. The guards from the bazaar also gave each adventurer a potion of cure moderate wounds for their help with getting the children to safety.



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